Ann: 07917 386 009


Reiki & Angelic Therapy for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing

Qualified Holistic Complementary Therapist

Over 20 years of experience in spirituality training

Reiki Master & Angelic Advanced Therapist Practitioner and Trainer

I am a reputable Reiki Master, Angelic Therapist Specialist & Qualified Trainer

Based in Glossop

I work with the energies of the Universe and Angels giving my clients the benefit of the combined energies.
The Angelic Therapy courses are unique to me through writing them via Angelic connections.

My services include:
Training Courses and Workshops
Intuitive card readings
Jewellery for sale

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About me

If you’re looking for treatments, help with your spiritual awakening or training courses get in touch with me on 07917 386 009

I have been training people in various fields for over 20 years and
I am a qualified (TAQA) Assessor & Trainer, holding accredited qualifications in:
Holistic Therapies
Advanced Angelic Healing
Reiki Master

I am passionate about following an enlightened life path and like to help others to learn new skills and healing techniques.

I follow a holistic approach and my treatments, products & courses can help you to improve your health and well-being physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

I also sell a small range of jewellery

Why choose me for Reiki/ Angelic Therapy healing treatments?

– My treatments give my clients the benefits of the energies of both Reiki and Angelic Therapy
– I specialise in Angelic Therapy & intuitive Usui Reiki treatments
– I am a qualified Advanced Angelic Healing practitioner and teacher
– My treatments promote spiritual, emotional and physical healing
– These treatments are extremely relaxing & beneficial in relieving anxiety & depression

Angelic Therapy, Reiki and spirituality courses

– I specialise in this field and can offer professional courses in Reiki and Angelic Therapy.

The Accredited training courses I offer include :
Reiki – 1st, 2nd degree & Master level
Angelic Therapy Levels 1, 2 & Advanced
Animal Reiki & Angelic Therapy
Crystal Healing

Workshops include:
The Angelic Realms
The Chakra System
The Moon
An Introduction to Spirituality
Advanced Spirituality

Qualified and experienced trainer

– My courses offer an interactive platform to learn new skills and healing techniques.
– I am an Accredited & Qualified Trainer in Angelic Therapy (my own unique course), Reiki & Animal Therapy
– Over 20 years of training experience

Brenda, Tameside

I find the Reiki extremely relaxing. In fact, it relaxes me so much I fall asleep, which surprises me as I’m such a busy, lively person. I’ve found the benefits of Reiki carry on and I feel great for a good time after the Reiki. I always look forward to the next treatment. Ann is very professional in her approach. I would recommend Ann to other people.

Kerry Lawton

Since doing my angelic angel course level 1,im a completely different person. I am now going to complete level 2and 3.the team behind this are beautiful souls and im so happy to be their friends and have their support. Well recommended 🥰😇 …

Lianne B

Absolutely fantastic services will use always Ann is very talented. Can’t wait till next time.